The club was created in 1947. From 1960, the forces create the first building in hard then comes the time of the construction of the current building (years 70 - 80). Since ever, Esperance Canoe Decize St Léger des Vignes is a competition club. He has had 7 athlete participations in the Olympic Games since its inception. In 2000, the club hired a salaried coach (job sustained in 2009). For many years the club ranks in the top 10 French online racing clubs.
Canoeing and our club are values ​​that we must share and share with all our members. These values ​​are:  - Respect for others and the environment,
 - Solidarity and mutual aid,
 - The transmission of republican values,
 - The surpassing of oneself, the taste of the effort and the discovery,
 - Education through our practices and the transmission of knowledge,
 - Sharing our shared passion and the pleasure of sailing. 
In respect of the values ​​that bring us together, our missions are:
 - Make the practice of canoeing accessible to all,
 - Participate in the sporting, tourist animation of the South-Nivernais basin and contribute to its development,
 - Participate in the educational development of young graduates,
 - Allow practitioners to progress by offering a quality pedagogy while ensuring the safety of everyone, &  - Train successful competitors and enable them to reach the highest level.