What is Online Racing?
In canoe-kayaking, the Online Race is a discipline that is practiced in calm water, on a landscaped pond, a lake, a reservoir of a river or simply a river or a canal. One goal in competition: to cross the finish line before the others. The classification is done in the order of arrivals, the confrontation is direct. There are several types of distances in competition:
- Speed :
 which is the only Olympic distance. The Olympic distances are: 200m and 500m for women and 200 and 1000m for men. The body of water consists of nine parallel corridors marked by buoys. The competitions are held with series and semifinals qualifying for the final. 
- The bottom on 5000m. The competitors all start on the same starting line for a course consisting of three turns. There are no corridors. 
 - The Marathon is a discipline cousin of the Race Line but the distances are higher: between 12 and 35 km according to the category and the sex. The competitors start on the same starting line for several laps of a determined circuit. Between each round, the competitor leaves his boat, runs a few hundred meters carrying it and embarks for another round of a few kilometers in his boat. This is intended to allow competitors to refuel because the marathon is a long effort. 
 The kayak or canoe race boats are equipped with a V shaped, contoured and extremely unstable hull to optimize gliding. The kayaks have a rudder operated by means of a bar (called foot bar) located on the footrest. Canoeing is only "paddle". Kayakers use a double paddle while canoeists use a single paddle. The paddles are carbon fiber like boats to be lighter (12 to 30 kg for boats and 0.800 to 1 kg for paddles).